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Tautliner transport is a generic name for curtain sided trailers. The accredited curtains contain load restraining straps which when released allow the curtain to be pulled back and a forklift to be used for easy and efficient loading and unloading.

Tautliner transport offer superior load access while ensuring that your cargo remains safe and secure in all situations, particularly in unpredictable Melbourne weather. From packaged pallets to heavy machinery, a wide range of load capacities can be accommodated.

Our fleet of tautliners undergo routine maintenance and inspection. We ensure that the tracks are in good working condition and there are no torn curtains which could result in damaged freight for our customers. Our tautliners have no advertising material on them except for the M Sergi brand logo on the side of the trailers.

We provide competitive quotes for our tautliner hires. If you know the exact specifications of your cargo, click here to get an instant freight quote.



Is a tautliner right for you?

A tautliner is a trailer with a sliding side curtain that can be folded back to allow easy loading and then pulled taut to protect the goods whilst in transit.

The curtain material on our tautliners is normally made of heavy duty PVC (load restraint curtains) in order to withstand extreme weather conditions, resist road and diesel grime and remain flexible. To ensure your load is secure during transportation we use a dedicated load bearing system with internal secured strapping.

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