Mezzanines trailers

Latin Transport provides a full range of trailers to handle transportation of any type of cargo. If you’re specifically looking for mezzanine trailers for transportation of your freight, we have them too.

We have mezzanine trailers in both single and b-double options. Our single mezzanines come in 20, 22 or 24-pallet options; b-doubles options are 32 and 34-pallets. We have both straight-deck and drop-deck mezzanines depending on your cargo needs.

Our mezzanine trailers are side loading by fork lifts only. The maximum height of a pallet that can be loaded into a mezzanine can only be 1.3 metres since we will be double stacking pallets.

Due to the mezzanine deck, mezzanine trailers allow up to 70% increase in cargo. They allow us to maximise your awkward shaped loose freight.

Mezzanines are also a more environmentally friendly transportation option. As they can take more pallets in each load, there are fewer vehicles required thereby reducing the carbon emissions associated with the transfer of your goods.

We guarantee to provide you with a competitive quote. If you know the exact specifications of your freight, click here to get an instant freight quote.

If you’re unsure about whether a mezzanine is the correct trailer for your transport needs, speak to our helpful staff who will be able to assist you with the best option for transporting your goods.


Is a mezzanine right for you?

A mezzanine trailer allows you to have a lower level pallet and an upper level pallet without the lower level pallet having to support the upper level load. This means that the mezzanine helps to increase the amount that can be transported in a single load thereby reducing your overall transportation costs. Also, the freight on the mezzanine can be any type of cargo.

If the contents in your pallets are delicate or are easily damaged, a mezzanine is one of the best options as it allows you to transport more pallets.

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