Drop Deck

At Latin Transport, we have one of the highest quality and largest range of trailers and transport solutions in Melbourne. We have both drop deck transport and straight deck trailers in a range of configurations.

The main difference between a drop deck and a straight deck is that in a drop deck trailer has more space between the base of the deck and the top of the trailer. This provides more space thereby allowing our customers to transport more volume of goods per trailer.

Drop decks curtain siders are ideal for side loading. This allows multiple fork lifts to access the trailer at the same time which helps in speeding up loading and unloading time. Rear loading is not advisable due to the configuration of the drop deck.

We provide competitive quotes for our drop deck hires. If you know the exact specifications of your freight, click here to get an instant freight quote.


Is a drop deck right for you?

The reason it’s called a drop deck trailer is because the floor drops to a lower level once the trailer has cleared the rear axle.

The lower level allows a higher volume of cargo to be carried in the trailer. As the trailer deck is lower, the load has a lower centre of gravity making the trailer and the load more stable.

The most common type of drop deck trailers are curtain siders. Drop decks can also have other features such as mezzanine levels or high ceilings (e.g. high cubes). Some trailers come with optional rear doors. These are versatile trailers and carry most freight, from packaged pallets to machinery.

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