Latin Transport has a wide range of trailers and transport solutions to meet your freight needs. We have a quality fleet of b-doubles as well as semi-trailers depending on the quantity of cargo that you need transported.

We have several b-double options – straight deck, drop deck, mezzanine, high cube, and flat top trailers.

The main advantage of b-double transport is that it offers more payload per trailer and therefore less running costs providing more savings for our customers. In our business, volume productivity is invaluable and we strive to achieve it in our day-to-day activities. Another advantage of a b-double configuration is its inherent stability when compared to most other twin trailer combinations. It is this feature above all else that has ensured its continued development and global acceptance.

Latin Transport provides competitive quotes on b-double hires. We aim to find the most efficient transport solution so you get the best value for your money. If you know the exact specifications of your cargo, click here to get an instant freight quote.


Is a b-double right for you?

In simple terms, a b-double consists of two semi-trailers linked together by a turntable and can be up to 26 metres long.

B-double trailers are used to transport many types of load. They are ideal for moving easily secured loads like pallets, timber and other rigid containers.

The main advantage of a b-double is the reduced costs to move a large volume of goods. This is achieved by using a b-double configuration of two trailers to carry more goods per trailer between loading stations.

The two most expensive aspects of transport solutions are labour (i.e. driver) and the truck. By minimising these costs in a b-double configuration we are able to provide you with the best rates for moving your cargo.

At Latin Transport, our aim is to provide you with the best service and productivity for your transport requirements.

Call us now to speak to one of our friendly and knowledgeable staff who will find the best trailer transport solution for your freight.